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Connecting Experiences
Manage all those new experiences that fans, clubs, brands and sponsors are looking for

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How does it works


B4F has an SDK to integrate into your official APP, where users will be able to verify the authenticity of a product or enjoy new experiences associated with it, by scanning it with their smartphone.

Activations via QRs, TAGs, NFCs Tags, Codes

If your products are equipped with a QRs, TAGs, NFC tag * or another activator that has a unique identification number (ID), access to the experience or planned action can be launched

Experience Manager

B4F has a Web manager where you can configure, activate and manage the experiences that will be associated with each article or label, turning them into a communication channel with your fans.


Merchandising Team

Product stamping with B4F technology.

Connecting with the fans

The fans scan and register their asset in the APP.

The fans buy

Products and services creating additional income and cross experiences.

Increase in revenue

Brands and sponsors earn additional income.

Who is it addressed to






Official merchandise

With B4F the sale of official Merchandising is promoted. Control of the original product against copies.

Data analysis

Tastes and consumption of fans. (Who interacts with the products and where, who owns what and what they do with it, etc.)

Connections increase

Unique and individual communications with fans, driving sales or direct promotions, giving authenticity to the product, etc.

Improved experiences

New way of accessing experiences and benefits (discounts, raffles, Meet & Greet, trips and exclusive content, etc.).


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